Tokio Hotel

I think one of the hardest things for people to grasp is why I love Tokio Hotel so much. Why I have spent 9 years of my life being a fan of them and why I am so passionate and dedicated. Being a fan of this band isn’t because I think Bill Kaulitz is really cute. I mean, he is but that has nothing to do with why I have been a fan of them for 9 years. The truth is that band saved my life and in a weird way that band is my anchor. They keep me breathing and grounded. Without them I would be so lost and purposeless.

I grew up with Tokio Hotel and they have probably been my biggest influence. One of the things I learned from them was to always fight for who you are, what you believe in and for your dreams. They give me inspiration to keep fighting everyday and they’re always there. I can always count on their music to be there even when everyone else is gone.

I gave them up once and I lost who I was and had no idea how to continue and I just wanted to die. But they started to release new music and I fell in love all over again and remembered everything they taught me.

“Believe in today, believe in tomorrow, believe in yourself and whatever happens don’t jump.”

Every time the negative thoughts start and the depression comes flooding in, I turn on my favorite song, “An Deiner Seite” live from the Zimmer 483 tour, (”By Your Side” is the English version), turn it up as loud as it can go, close my eyes and pretend I am at a Tokio Hotel show. It gives me peace and before I know it I am singing along to their other music, watching tokio hotel tv and laughing.

Tokio Hotel is not just a band to me. They keep me alive and because of them I believe in myself. I have a fire in me that will never stop burning. I have met so many incredible people from all over the world and have experienced so much. I am forever grateful that I found this band and I am so lucky and proud to be a fan.