Twenty One Pilots

Some people have asked why I like Twenty One Pilots.
“Their music is just pent up angst and it’s annoying.”
Sorry to say, but it’s really not. Their music saves lives. Tyler’s words aren’t hidden meanings. The way that he sings/“raps”/talks the lyrics gives it a better meaning. It’s not angst, it’s the pain of feeling alone or depressed or anxious.
Their music has saved my life, my friends’ lives, and countless others. It’s not angst, it’s a story. It’s getting out and reaching out the feeling of being alone and telling you that’s you’re not alone. And telling you to stay alive because /it’s worth it./ okay? That’s why I love their music.
All you have to do is listen to the meaning behind the lyrics they produce and put out to the world. Don’t judge something because you are too afraid to like something. Oh, and don’t fucking tell me that you’re not gonna listen to the music because of the way they look.
Jesus fuck.
And I quote, “That’s another reason I won’t listen to them. He (motioning to the picture of Josh Dun on my table) looks like one of those weirdos who goes to the grocery store to buy quinoa and vegetables. Like one of those really weird people.”
Like, fuck. Why can’t you be fine with the way people look? Holy shit. The way they look does not affect the way they produce music that helps other people. So, why don’t you get that art brush out of your ass, and stop judging me for music that’s saved my life. (My art teacher said this to me.)