United State of Pop

hey if you are depressed and upset about the passage of time, you should listen to DJ Earworm’s United States of Pop mashups

i listened to 2009 and 2010 but forgot about it until i was revamping my itunes stuff and so i’m catching up and downloading and it makes me smile idk

like as the years go by, scary shit happens and we sometimes get real worried about life and where it’s going and stuff

but there’s some good things out here, like music! even the cringy and overplayed stuff can still get you tapping your foot, and have you ever got really into your music on a road trip and started singing along or lip syncing and acting like the singer in a music video?? because that’s the little things in life to stay alive for

it’s fun to hear little tidbits of songs you know, like one of the years had a tiny bit of Oppa Gangnam Style and i just started smiling when i heard it

anyways, if it helps you when you are feeling like dying, think about how you won’t get to hear the year’s United States of Pop mashup and see what songs got used if you die