We Know It’s Never Over

It’s friday. It’s time for the weekend and most of us are quiet excited for that: no school, no work, no responsibilities. On your way home you’re still thinking about what to do later, or maybe what you should wear to the party. You spend the rest of the day either resting for the night or preparing (or both). Your thoughts are far away from Monday.

But there are also those kind of people who are not excited about the big party or fooling around with a stranger on your friends couch. They go home and spend the rest of the weekend with their family, because no one will get them out of their safety zone and in the worst case, they have a family that doesn’t care. A human being can survive three days without water, but not without love, friendship and hope.

If you’re so funny –
Then why are you on your own tonight?

And if you’re so clever –
Then why are you on your own tonight?

If you’re so very entertaining –
Then why are you on your own tonight?

If you’re so very good-looking –
Why do you sleep alone tonight?

If you feel alone these days then let me tell you that you shouldn’t. There are people outside your room who care about you, even if you can’t see them in your life right now. Don’t think that you can’t be social, because most of your friends are fake characters from books, movies or series. They are real to you and that is the only thing that matters. Just use the knowledge you learn from stories and let them come to life. Even those popular kids are not what they act to be. They can feel pretty lonley too. We all feel miserable and alone from time to time, but you are alive tonight and that is the only thing that matters. Even for us.

It’s okay to be quiet and calm for a while, but remember how great the sun feels on your skin after a long dark winter, or the fresh air in your lungs. You’ve made it this far and you still can go on. You can still turn your life around. And you will. We believe in you.