Welcome to the Family – Shay Esposito

Shay Esposito is a young artist who, through her music, and experience is actively making a difference in the lives of other teens suffering with mental health issues. Shay’s struggles with depression and anxiety began at the age of 12. She struggled and fought to overcome her illness and now speaks to teens and educators telling her story of perseverance and triumph over youth mental health. Shay poured her feelings and emotions into her music and at the age of 15 became the youngest recipient of the Rawlco radio grant. She recorded her first album, which was release June of 2014. Her music has received international recognition making the semi finals for the international song writing competition and finals in the UK songwriting competition along with nominations 3 years in a row for the Edmonton Music Awards.

Having just graduated high school Shay has decided to take the year off school to work on her next EP and to tour across Canada to speak at schools and events to share her music and her story. She is passionate about this topic and is working toward eliminating the stigma of mental and encourage our youth to seek help and to never give up, that dreams do come true.

Shay is a courageous youngster who is not only making a name for herself as a singer songwriter but also as an inspirational speaker.

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