An Introduction: Hope Through Music

Victor Hugo once said: „Music expresses that which cannot be said and which it is impossible to be silent“. Music is the key to passion, communication and sanity. It brings us happiness when we feel stressed or frustrated. It helps us to unwind from the hasty pace in our lives and is a honest treatment to our soul.

It doesn’t matter what kind of genre you prefer or which band gives you chills. We see thousands of people walking on the streets with their headphones on, knowing they might be listening to music. We don’t know what that person is going through or if he or she is happy, but in that moment they might be comfortable.

Flo and I met on the Internet in 2005, because we liked the same music. Since then music has been a fundamental fragment of our friendship. We went to concerts together and shared new music with each other. Music has the ability to solid the intimacy of people whether it is between two or thousands. It connects the world using its own language. A language that also speaks to us in our most miserable hours.

We’re all going through things in life and we have no idea how we shall express it in words. We scream songs or listen to lyrics while crying. We say that music saved our life, because we’re honest enough to tell someone that we were or still are struggling. We are admitting that we found the power to see hope and turned our life around. Everyone needs this one stable thing in life that we can invest time, energy and passion in because we get something back. Music shows you that life is enjoyable even when your lonely, that you can be excited about your future even when your present sucks and that it is okay to feel sad.

By starting this website today we want to give you a place where you can come to find out about new music and see what other people are listening to. You can also come here to share your story and tell us how music is influencing your life, but most importantly we want you to come here to connect with people. Whether you’re having a good or bad day, we are all here to encourage each other and make this world a better place. We can inspire and be inspired if we just keep telling our true emotions.