What Does Music Mean To You?

Music to me means being able to listen to it and relate to the lyrics or getting up and dancing with your friends and just enjoying yourself.

Music has power to touch and connect those around you, its the sound of what makes an individual feel in rhythm, hymns, melody, anything thats a pattern of beats and voice. whether you party all out or to cry out your soul, music is the relief of of expression and thought. Any who, its the cliche of definitions lol. Music to me is the cry out of the inner self that pours out in happiness, sadness, etc. something that when I don’t know how to react in what I feel, I show it through music.

Music is a lot of things for me. It’s a way to express my feelings through a song’s melody or lyrics. It gives me peace in my everyday hectic life. For example, if i’m somewhere where i don’t want to be then i just pop my ear buds into my ears and let myself get taken away with music. Music is also something that’s very precious to me. Why/ because it’s saved me before. How? Music has given me hope to live my life in this crummy world we live in and call home.