White recluse

Can’t sleep ….the wind is howling….how much water have I drank tonight. A week has passed in my old room, I’ve missed this place, I was so productive here looking back and it somehow now feels like safety to me. Tomorrow I have to leave though and return to Dads to start the new year. I spent today trying to find a schema for the year ahead that atleast gets me somewhat excited. It’s a work in progress. Music saved me here in the past so it will again I hope 🙂

We have a date now 19th Jan…I don’t know how to feel about this

What can I do with 3 weeks in the winter, when I can’t risk hurting myself.. The answer when appointments are thrown in is nothing outside of England which is a sucky start to the new year.

Got to find adventure in this so burying myself in something big seems logical. Now to make logical exciting ……