Why do I love BTS?

I was thinking to myself last night, why do I love BTS? What defining thing about them makes me love them? And then it hit me. Because they’re real. Real in a sense that they are open about struggles, about life’s hardships and mental health. In their messages to fans, in their personal stories, in their lyrics. And as someone who continues to struggle with mental health issues and just life being awful at times, it really helps to love a band who openly addresses these issues. Sea from Love Yourself is currently one of my favourites because of it’s message. And Yoongi’s part always makes me cry. They get it, he gets it. They know how it feels, the struggles, the heartache. It’s honestly so comforting to have a song or even quite a few that I can’t remember off the top of my head that sum up exactly what I feel, inside on a regular basis. Because for those 3.5 minutes, I feel understood. I feel comforted.

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