Why I Love Music

I honestly can’t remember when I became so obsessed with music, but I think it was around grade 7-8. Music is just so influential, and it’s always there for you. There are songs that can instantly make you happy, songs that are there for you when you’re sad, songs that get you hyped to the point where you can’t sit still, you have to get up and just move. There are songs that make you want to overthrow the government and join some kind of rebellion, songs that just hit you with this deep level of understanding that could make you cry because finally, someone understands. There’s really a song for everything.

Music helps you block out the world when everything is too loud. It brings people together, and brings back memories and nostalgia of the good ol’ days. Music is so impactful that people get lyrics tattooed on their bodies. Music is the sole reason that some people are alive today. Music can save lives. For me, it helps me just stop thinking for a bit, because my mind is constantly racing, and sometimes I have trouble focusing on certain things, so music helps me focus. I can’t do homework unless I have music to listen to.

Music also comes in many forms. Whether it be the stuff that you always hear on the radio (hey, it’s called pop(ular) music for a reason), hard-hitting rock, punk or metal, country music, rap, EDM, indie, R&B, soul, gospel, or foreign music, there’s something for everybody. There’s no kind of music that’s better over the others (despite what many people think). Honestly, I’ve listened to a little bit of everything.

I think there’s something special about playing music. It’s a form of creation, and no two players and instruments are the same. It’s something that definitely requires a lot of focus, time and effort, but it’s worth it. It’s so satisfying when you know you just nailed this piece, to hear the music start to come together. A lot of the time, I find it hard to find the motivation to practice, but when I do, I genuinely try to improve, to fix things, to make something sound better. I’m proud to say that I can play an instrument.

I’ve also decided that I want to study music. I want to know what effects hearing your favourite song has on your brain, what’s exactly going on when a musician is playing a piece, and why. Psychology, behaviour, neuroscience and music cognition is something I think I’m capable of doing, and love doing it, for the rest of my life. That’s how much music has influenced my life. In my opinion, music of one of the best things that we, as people, have created.

Music just makes me feel at home.