World Suicide Prevention Day 2014

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and we want to take a few minutes to slow down and break the silence.

Tower Bridge
Is closing
And all of Bermondsey
Is Asleep

800.000. – 8 and five zeros.
Imagine wining 800.000$ – WOW. You could buy a house, a car, both or something else you always wanted. You think you would literally be happy.
Now imagine 800.000 people. You would need a very huge area to keep track, but why are we talking about this number 800.000? Why not 100.00 or 45?

800.000 people around the world commit suicide every year. This means every 40 seconds a live is ended by choice. Ended for not seeing a future.

Streetlights walks the waters
Rising fast and dark and deep

Every suicide is individual, but every single one affects other people and their main question is „Why?“. „Why haven’t I see it coming?“, „Why didn’t she/he tell me something?“, „Why didn’t I ask how she/he feels?“ …Why? is the question that mostly doesn’t get answered. Suicide can be caused by depression, daily discrimination, financial issues or any other kind of situation.

Well is your work of art so heavy
That it will not let you live?

We think that 800.000 is way too much. The number of suicides can be decreased, but it needs every human being. Robin Williams Suicide remembered the world how real the struggle is and that it can happen to everyone. Just the fact that he has a family or money doesn’t protect him against depression.

You’ll be missed

It doesn’t need much to show you care. Sometimes it helps to just listen to people. Listen to their deep thoughts and show them how much you care. You don’t need to be the best advice giver to help someone, you just need to be human.

Soon there’ll be flowers in the river
Tears being shed

If you are struggling right now than see this day as a break. Take some time for yourself, that’s not selfish – it’s necessary.
It is okay to slow down.
It is okay to be not available 24/7.
It is okay to ask for help.

You’ll be missed

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and it is time to break the silence.