What is there to say at the end of 2016?

Some of us might be happy that this year is over while others might be scared about tomorrow. Our shoulders carry the weight of the past twelve months while our lungs exhale exhaustion. 2016 was different from the beginning. It was hard. It was challenging and especially the last few months piled up more and more confusion, but life still happens. It is hard to say that life is too much because we only ever want to be an optimist.

Maybe we’ve never been that tired from a year and so many people felt and still feel the same. We’ve struggled with hurt like so many. We’ve dealt with pain like so many. We are anxious like so many. It is a fight until realisation that these moments are a reminder to take care about ourselves first.

Self acceptance and appreciation should be in the forefront of our mind, because it is too easy to fail at it. 2017 can be filled with determination to not feel the same again. We’re all are searching for something to hold on to and never let go, if 2016 couldn’t give it to us, maybe 2017 will. People are made to love, but with time we unlearn it. Maybe we all can use 2017 to learn how to love again. Our love still works.

In order to end 2016 with pride and love we decided to introduce our new design. After two years we felt the need of change and the moment could not be better. It was the internet that introduced the two of us almost 14 years ago and it is the internet we want to give back to as we still believe in its good power.

Until then, we feel the same as you and we will still see and greet you tomorrow.happy new year.

PS: If you’re interested in what we listened to over the year, check out our playlist below:

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