You + Me

A few days a go, I ended my friendship with my best friend. After four years of talking permanently with each other and spending every free second together, I wasn’t enough anymore. She recently started to take me for granted and even when I told here she kept telling that it wasn’t true, but I listened to my heart. This whole thing isn’t only her fault, but I got lost in this friendship. She started turning away and told me how much she loved spending time with others while she only had 10 minutes for me.

It hurts so much right now that I can barely move, but I know that it was the right decision. I like telling myself that this is just another part of growing up and everything will be good at the end. I don’t know if I ever will find someone like her ever again. I even regret it at night when I start feel lonley and that was usually the time I started sending her texts, but now I am alone.

I need to keep telling myself that there will be someone else and that this person will treat me like I deserve to be treated. I have a big heart and it really broke into pieces right now and I may need a long time to glue it together again, but I still have a little bit of hope that it happened for a reason.
This song was our song lately. She sent it to me and I was speechless. We listened to it while driving home to the sunset and we didn’t have to say anything. I still love her, but I can’t be with her at the moment, maybe in the future, but for now I need to be me.