Your music saved my life

I remember coming to and hearing My December and thinking how peaceful my world was in that moment. It didn’t work, but that song gave me so many words I didn’t have and that i needed. I played Meteora on repeat for months as I struggled. And struggled and struggled. My heart aches knowing what that feels like. Tasting such bitter despair, and overwhelming sorrow. That music saved me, but it could not save him.
If anyone ever needs a friend an ear or just a safe space you have it here. You are enough, I support you, you are loved and we will find you the help you need. You are not alone.
People might think me silly to grieve so publicly for artists I didn’t know personally but I tell you I am the person I am still alive and here because of what they shared with me and it was personal.
Thank you for the music, for the words, for the space received in your songs and voice. I hope you have found your peace.