You’re Not The Only One

I want to start this story by saying, that I´ve never been one of the happiest persons since 4th grade I guess.

I had to struggle with depression, suicidal thoughts and some other stuff. In this time I came across a band called Of Mice & Men and I instantly fell in love with them and their music. Especially this one song helped me a lot called “You´re Not Alone”
I often felt alone during this time in my life and it all seemed bad, but when I put on this song I always knew that out there are several people dealing with the same problems…
I went to see them live and that´s where I got to know my best friend. She still is my best friend and hearing this song live with her was and still is one of the best moments in my life.
When I´m not feeling good nowadays I still listen to this song because it means the world to me.
Just remember even when it feels like it…

Greetings Happietoo <3

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